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Without a premium Curriculum Vitae (Resume), you could be putting yourself into a challenge of difficult and long job search. A job search is substantially easier with an accompshment-based, keyword-rich resume and cover letter. You need to present yourself as the Best candidate. Show the employer how you are the number one choice for the position. Your CV needs to make it to the st of job candidates to call for an interview.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a premium resume and cover letter. Your job search documents are the only thing representing you in your absence. Make sure they stand out and demonstrate the benefit of hiring you. By carefully wording your resume, cover letter, and nkedIn profile and highghting your skills, you can successfully convey what you can bring to an organization.
\r\nJob titles and levels have been career changers ke Playschool Teacher, Primary Teacher, Secondary Teacher, Jr. Lecturer, Sr. Lecturer, Professor, Supervisor, Headmaster, and Principal.

The employers typically expect to see the following information on CV

Contact Information:

Be sure to include your name, current home address, telephone or mobile numbers including area codes, and your personal email address.

Professional/Career Objective:
Your professional/career objective is basically your resume\'s opening statement. It defines the field or position for which you are applying. It is important that your career objective be clear, concise and customized to the job that you are applying for.

This section of your resume should include details of your academic background, beginning with your most recent degree, diploma or certificate. The standard format sts the college or university, followed by the degree/diploma/certificate, major, and graduation date.

Your career/job experience is what most employers pay particular attention to. This section should st company names, locations and employers for whom you have worked, presented in a logical and consistent manner.

Quafications or Skills:
It is advisable to include a section that briefly states any skills and quafications that relate to your professional objective in a bullet st format.Examples include

Honors and Activities:
Some resumes also contain a section that summarizes any honours and/or activities that demonstrate strong academic abities, such as honorary societies, scholarships, and/or extra-curricular activities.

You may choose to include your references or simply state, \"References are available upon request\" or something to that effect at the bottom of your resume. If you choose to include references, be sure that the people you st can still be contacted at the telephone numbers you give.

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